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Brown Lip Liners for Every Skin Tone

Brown lip liners are great for everyone so I am here to provide you my favorites based on your skin tone! You may have seen one of my best brown lip looks I did on celebrity client, Kristen Louelle Gaffney (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model). For this look I used both, Cork & Chestnut (linked below).

Brown lip liner can also be used as a contour for lips. If you want a great contoured lip look, use a lipstick shade that is a few shades lighter than the brown lip liner you end up picking below! Place in the center of your lips and blend out with your finger. There should be a noticeable difference between your lip liner and lipstick to achieve the contoured look.

I think that MAC Cosmetics has the best brown lip liners so you'll find that all these shades are MAC products. Also, everything is linked for you!

Fair Skin

For fair skin and and a brown liner it’s best to pick a color that suits your undertone of your skin so the color is not too drastic. I think the color Oak by MAC is great on fair skin. It is a soft beige.

Purchase here.

Medium Skin

Stripdown by MAC is my favorite shade for medium skin tones. It is a creamy brown beige. The neutral color of this lip liner looks good no matter what your undertone is.

Purchase here.

Olive Skin

The color Cork by MAC is my favorite for olive skin as this color is a muted golden brown which pairs nicely with the olive skin!

Purchase here.

Dark Skin

The color Mahogany by MAC is great for dark skin tones. This is a reddish type brown but I find it always looks stunning with darker skin tones and the warmth that the color brings.

Purchase here.

Deep Skin

The color Chestnut by MAC is my favorite for deep skin tones. It is an intense brown that will give a great liner for the deepest of skin tones! (For deep skin and dark skin I think both of those shades could be used for either).

Purchase here.

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