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Fall Makeup Trends

Summer makeup can call for fun, bright colors. As we transition to fall, makeup looks tend to transition to neutral and natural colors. I expect to see brown and gold eyeshadows, brown based lip colors, and fun pops of fall colors like purple, burgundy, and crimson added into eyeshadow and lip looks.

Metallic lids are going to be in this fall with eyeshadow looks. My go to on a client is a beautiful champagne or gold because it truly looks good on everyone! My favorite metallic products for lids are the Danessa Myricks Colorfix foils. My favorite shades are Milky Way and Twinkle.

*Click the photo of the product for a purchase link*

I also expect to see graphic liner as a trend this fall. My favorite eyeliners to create graphic looks with are skinny felt tip eyeliners. I love the Clinique High Impact Easy Liquid Liner for brown or black and the Colour Pop BFF Liquid Liner for fun colors!

*Click the photo of the product for a purchase link for the Colour Pop Liquid Liners*

As we head into fall, our skin can dry out, and I think that lip masks are a newer product that’s hot right now to keep your lips hydrated. My favorite is the Laneige lip mask in “Sweet Candy”. ($24)

*Click the photo of the product for a purchase link*

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