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Setting Spray: Everything you need to know

There is so much controversy about setting spray. Which brand? Where do I buy it? What is best for my skin type? Don't worry - I got you! Here is where some of my college science knowledge comes into play....

Who should use setting spray, and why?

If you want your makeup look to last all day and night long, use setting spray. Setting spray will prevent transfer, color shifting, fading, and creasing.

How do you use setting spray?

After you complete your entire makeup routine, close your eyes and spray the setting spray all over your face. Typically 1-3 sprays will cover your entire face.

When should you use setting spray?

Setting spray should be used when you are wearing your makeup for an extended period of time, will be in abnormal temperatures, or you have a chance of getting your makeup look wet (tears, weather, etc).

Is setting spray better than powder?

Powder is great to help liquid makeup products stay put. However, setting powder does not have the same ingredients as setting spray so it does not truly form a protective coating on your face like setting spray can. I use the example of a raincoat when I talk about setting spray. If you were to have a droplet of water run down your face, the polymers in the setting spray will let that droplet run off of your face, just as a raincoat would. Without the setting spray and only setting powder, the water droplet would dissipate into the powder instead of run off. I personally use both setting powder and setting spray on myself and my clients!

Any specific ingredients to look for in a good setting spray?

Setting sprays can consist of water, alcohol, polymers, vitamins and aloe vera. A key ingredient to a great setting spray are polymers. Polymers work by binding together then forming and creating a barrier on your face that will work as a protective coating.

How should your skin type influence what kind of setting spray you choose?

Anyone with dry skin should choose a setting spray with aloe vera and low alcohol content to ensure the spray does not dry out the skin further. The Airbrush Flawless Charlotte Tilbury setting spray would be a great recommendation for this skin type. Normal skin types should go for a well balanced setting spray consisting of equal parts of water, alcohol, and polymer content. A great recommendation for this skin type would be the Skindinavia Bridal 24 hour setting spray. (No, you don’t need to be a bride to use this spray!) Oily skin types should go for a setting spray with lower water content and an oil absorbing agent like charcoal. A recommendation for this skin type would be the Milani Make It Last Charcoal setting spray.

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